Generating Rock Guitar Solos with a Context-free Grammar

A Study of Albert Järvinen's Playing Style on Get On by Hurriganes

photo: Ripa Vuorimies, all rights reserved


In the age of 14, I heard, for the first time, Albert Järvinen playing on Get On: that was something I desperately wanted to learn. After twenty years I still find this music exciting. Why does this kind of guitar playing make Get On sound so effective? These are some of the reasons why I chose this piece for an analysis.

I transcribed the lead guitar parts of Get On and formed a context free-grammar. With this grammar and the tools provided by the Helsinki Music Tools software package I was able to create some new "Albert in the 70's" -style solos. This gives more reasons for us everlasting fans to feel that Albert and his universal rock'n roll -art still lives!

Vili Pesonen
Helsinki 14.03.1996


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