Playing a rock guitar solo is not a context-free action. There should always be elements that let the music fly. First,in my opinion, a guitarist should be able to play some rock licks in any kind of accompaniment. Second, the player should have a sense of drama to give a solo some kind of a form with a start, a culmination and an end. A good solo should also be agressive and rhytmically fast and straight-forward. The rhythm may (and should) be broken with syncopation, tuplets, accents etc. to surprise the listeners.

Basically the generation method only reorders the bars without making any differencies in their contents. As you can hear in the three generated guitar solos, this kind of rearrangement yields results that are only occasionally enjoyable. There are few sections that fill the requirements written above. Often it feels like listening to a beginner. Separate licks may sound good, but they don't form larger musical entities. To reach better results the music should be analyzed preferably a lick by a lick than a bar by a bar.

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