Sound Examples

These examples are intended for demonstrating various audio signal encoding techniques and their effect on sound quality. The examples are in WAV, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis format.

Suitable programs for playing the example are xmms for Linux (, QuickTime Player for MacOS, and Winamp for MS Windows (, among others. For playing Ogg Vorbis files, a Vorbis plug-in may be needed (see

J.S.Bach; Partita E major, Gavotte en rondeau (excerpt) - Sirkka Väisänen, violin.

Original recording (PCM encoded 16 bits per sample, sampling rate 44100 Hertz, stereo):

1. a2002011001-e02.wav

PCM encoded sound files with 16 kHz and 8 kHz sampling rate, respectively:

2. a2002011001-e02-16kHz.wav
3. a2002011001-e02-8kHz.wav

U-LAW encoded (8 bits per sample) sound file with 44.1 kHz:n sampling rate:

4. a2002011001-e02-ulaw.wav

MP3 encoded version with 128 kbps bit rate:

5. a2002011001-e02-128k.mp3

Ogg Vorbis encoded version with 128 kbps bit rate:

6. a2002011001-e02-128k.ogg

Ogg Vorbis encoded version with 96 kbps bit rate:

7. a2002011001-e02-96k.ogg

Ogg Vorbis encoded version with 64 kbps bit rate:

8. a2002011001-e02-64k.ogg

Ogg Vorbis encoded version with 32 kbps bit rate:

9. a2002011001-e02-32k.ogg

MP3URL playlist of the above sound files: